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My two cents on Mr. Enter

Posted : 6 years, 1 month ago on 18 December 2015 04:09 (A review of Animated Atrocities)

I will admit this: at one point I was a fan of TheMysteriousMrEnter’s work. I was interested in hearing about what he had to say about certain episodes of cartoons, especially his SpongeBob episode reviews. Overtime, however, he became less and less enjoyable. His arguments were becoming more flimsy, his ego was becoming more inflated, and his videos were becoming downright unpleasant to watch.

I think it’s safe to assume that Mr. Enter is one of the WORST Internet critics out there, on par with moviebob, Confused Matthew and Rowdy C. Moore (ya know, the guy who does his own Internet review show “TV Trash” and has an obnoxious-sounding voice that resembles a hybrid between Chris-Chan and Jerry Lewis). He’s a hypocritical, rude, obnoxious, egotistical, and immature manchild who chastises children’s cartoons as if they were the bane of his existence. Here are the 10 recurring problems that I have with his videos, in no particular order:

1) He’s a hypocrite

Some Internet reviewers are hypocrites in their own way, but Mr. Enter has the worst case of hypocrisy of them all. He tells people not to nitpick his precious My Little Pony show, yet he goes ahead and nitpicks everything else. Hell, he’s even bashed a few episodes of that show (the most infamous example of this is his Putting Your Hoof Down review, in which he said that said episode put him in a clinical depression for two days. I’m sorry, but if you’re depressed over an episode of a cartoon show intended for little girls, you seriously need to seek some help.) He also said he doesn’t care if you’re negative and bashes those same people. Also in his “Top 11 Things I’ll Never Review” (which is a direct rip-off of Doug Walker’s video of the same subject), he says because of stuff like Chicken Little, Mega Babies, Brickleberry and the Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon, he can’t give praise to Shrek, South Park or the Ren & Stimpy without blaming them for their rip-offs (which is an utterly fucking stupid excuse), yet at the same time, he gives praise to SpongeBob (the older episodes and the new episodes that HE thinks are good), Adventure Time, and The Amazing World of Gumball despite the fact he believes Coconut Fred’s Fruit Salad Island and The Mighty B are rip-offs of SpongeBob; Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners and Rocket Monkeys are rip-offs of Adventure Time; and Pickle and Peanut is a rip-off of Gumball. Some of the worst examples include his “Trolls” video and his writing tips on satire, in which he frequently contradicts himself to the point where even Aristotle is like, “What the fuck?” I could list more examples of his hypocrisy, but I’m going to stop here.

2) He excessively reads into children’s cartoons

I get that his show is called “Animated Atrocities”, in which he takes one bad episode of an animated series and explains what’s wrong with it, but the thing is, he takes things way too seriously. If an episode of a cartoon show has so much as one shred of mean-spiritedness, he’ll bitch and moan about it. He thinks nothing can be mean-spirited. In fact, he even criticized two SpongeBob episodes: “One Coarse Meal” and “Are You Happy Now?” solely because they contain references to suicide, and thinks kids are stupid and naïve that they will literally believe anything the TV tells them. Hey Enter, kids are not as stupid as you think. They apparently know what suicide is. Just because an episode has a reference to suicide doesn’t mean that kids are going to repeat what they do and kill themselves. He’s obviously never heard of the phrase: “Don’t try this at home”. Hell, I know that some episodes of Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry contained references to suicide, and nobody batted an eye (except for the censors, of course). Suicide is what happens when pain strongly overrules coping mechanisms and the sufferer sees death as the only way out, and I assure you it’s not because a fictional kitchen appliance told you to kill yourself. Another example of how he reads into cartoons too much is when he reviewed a Teen Titans Go episode in which Cyborg and Beast Boy wanted a clown, and dismissed it as a call-out towards critics of the show, when in reality it was a mere trolling attempt by the TTG writers that he and his fanbase fell for: hook, line and sinker. Yes, he does go after cartoons that truly do suck (i.e. Tentacolino, Allen Gregory, Problem Solverz, the latter of which is one of the worst fucking cartoons I’ve ever seen (I’ve known about all of these long before they were reviewed as Animated Atrocities)), but what Mr. Enter fails to realize is what he declares awful is subjective, which brings us to my next point. Did I also mention that he holds all cartoons to the same standards but has failed to back that up?

3) He has a massive ego

As I said before, Mr. Enter has an ego the size of Russia. He thinks his opinion is law and has no problem calling people who like different humor stupid, and thinks so highly of himself that he needs everyone to live up to his standards. Have you ever tried to disagree with him on one of his videos? Don’t be surprised if he labels you as a troll (he even thinks trolling is the same thing as cyberbullying). The worst example of this is his Admirable Animation on Shane Koyczan’s animated poem called “Troll”, in which he says, and I quote: “To those who say that there’s a difference between cyberbullying and trolling, shut the fuck up!” I’m sorry, but that is the most ignorant statement in presenting an argument. I can prove to you for a fact that there is a difference between cyberbullying and trolling. You can look up the definition for each term, for Pete’s sake! Mr. Enter also insults writers just because they wrote episodes that weren’t up to his standards. At the end of his review of the SpongeBob episode “Stuck in the Wringer”, he called the writers “three poor excuses for human beings”. That’s a little far-fetched, is it not? Am I the only one who feels bad for Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas and any other writer that he chastised? Plus, Enter thinks the world must be perfect. Well, guess what? Life doesn’t go that way. To quote Penn and Teller: “Life isn’t Disney bullshit where lions, pigs and meerkats come together and sing songs.”

4) He can’t take criticism

The title speaks for itself. In fact, he’s even written a journal explaining the problems he has with taking criticism. He even has the audacity to claim that his critics are trolls. For instance, someone gave out constructive criticism towards his project Growing Around (which, if you want my honest opinion, looks bland as fuck, but we’ll get to that later), and what does Enter do? He lashes out at that person, and labeled said person as a troll. Can anyone say pretentious, hyper jingoistic douchebag? Enter also blames his inability to accept criticism on his Asperger’s syndrome. No. NO. Asperger’s is not an excuse to dismiss criticism as trolling. It didn’t work for Christian Weston Chandler, and it sure as hell won’t work for Mr. Enter. “OH BUT U CANT CRITICIZE MR ENTER HE HAS ASPERGER’S!!!1111!” No. Don’t give me that crap.

5) He never shuts up about the shows he likes/hates

This is easily one of his most annoying faults yet. First, let’s address his obsession with “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. He even has a separate series in which he reviews every single episode. Now it’s always interesting to see someone review every single episode of his/her favorite show, but that wouldn’t be the problem if he doesn’t mention his precious pony show in EVERY SINGLE VIDEO HE MAKES (by that, I mean his reviews of episodes of certain shows that has no relation to MLP). What also pisses me off, and this is also one of the many things I hate about the MLP fanbase, is that he bashes other MLP predecessors to FiM. I can understand if you don’t like those shows, but what he refuses to acknowledge is without those shows, his precious pony show wouldn’t exist. Let’s also talk about “Family Guy” and “Teen Titans Go!” He has made 5 videos of him talking about both shows. FIVE FREAKING VIDEOS. And all of them just consist of him bitching about jokes that he considers “mean-spirited” and taking its comedy way too seriously.

6) His tone

Many Internet reviewers focus on being entertaining, with jokes, fake exaggerated anger, etc. But Mr. Enter is angry all of the time. And I don’t mean acting angry and playing it up for laughs, I mean he’s genuinely angry 24/7. He has no sense of humor. At all. He gets way too worked up over everything, and it’s not funny or entertaining in the slightest. He also speaks in a monotonous voice that grates on you after a while. Even in his Admirable Animations when he’s praising a piece of animation, he still sounds monotonous. Has Mr. Enter never had any fun in his lifetime? But the absolute worst part about his tone is in some of his videos such as his reviews of “Elf Bowling: The Movie” and “Drawn Together: The Movie” contain forced anger throughout the entire video. Hell, his review of the latter contains 42 minutes of him projecting his anger at an otherwise average film. 42 FUCKING MINUTES. If you’re going to review cartoons, at least try to have a little bit of fun with it.

7) His “idea” for an animated series

For those of you who may or may not know, Mr. Enter has an idea for an animated series called “Growing Around”, which is basically a retooling of an animated short called “Flip-Flopped” which he claims had “potential”, and was part of the short-lived Disney animated series “Shorty McShort Shorts”. As I previously stated, it looks as bland, if not more, than the cartoon short that it’s based on. What also confuses is me is to why he’s making a cartoon based on another cartoon he’s done an Animated Atrocity on. How much sense does that make?

8) His fanbase

Good God, his fanbase. They are on par with the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase as one of the worst fanbases on the Internet. 95% of them parrot everything Mr. Enter says without questioning it. The Nostalgia Critic is guilty of this, too, unfortunately. However, unlike Enter, Doug Walker has no problem with people actually liking the movies and shows he bashes (he even said so in his Top 11 Worst Movies He’s Reviewed). But let’s get back to the point. Much like Mr. Enter, his fanboys will also get asshurt if you so much as disagree with him or make a video calling him out on his bullshit. Some of the worst Mr. Enter fanboys that I’ve encountered include 03bgood, themissingmystery, CommentJack and TheRich4270 (double that since he's also part of the Go!Animate community).

9) His production values are shit

I may sound a little nitpicky here, but the editing in Mr. Enter’s videos are atrocious (no pun intended). There are a lot of audio glitches and sometimes when he is talking, he gets cut off at the middle of the sentence. Also, the footage is often looped, and it gets repetitive seeing the same clip over and over again. What’s even sadder is that Mr. Enter has a Patreon in which he e-begs his fans to give him money to review more episodes of SpongeBob or a bad animated film, even though common sense would tell you that you can get them on DVD at Wal-Mart for $15 or less. He could at least use that money to invest in buying a better video-editing program like Sony Vegas Pro.

10) His obsession with morals in cartoons

This is probably what irks me the most about Mr. Enter. He always seems to want to find morals to be shown in cartoons even though cartoons aren’t meant to be realistic, but instead, they are meant to be entertaining. If I may borrow a quote from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”: “My whole purpose in life is to make... people... laugh!” (Roger Rabbit said that)

Sure, some cartoons can have morals, but they’re mostly not required. Not every cartoon can be “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. What’s also interesting is that in his video “Writing Tips – Never Assume It’s Funny”, he says that he hates satirized morals and any show that uses them. So by his logic, shows like “Animaniacs” and “Tiny Toons” are shit because they have satirized morals.

TL;DR: Mr. Enter is not a good reviewer. At all. I understand that there are some people who like this guy’s videos and may disagree with what I said, and hey, that’s fine. It’s your right. As for me, I’m not gonna bother.

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The Tourettes Guy review

Posted : 9 years, 4 months ago on 17 September 2012 07:38 (A review of The Tourettes Guy)

Pissing out the window and shitting out the window are two different things!

Long live the Tourettes Guy.

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At least they got the title right...

Posted : 10 years, 10 months ago on 3 April 2011 04:13 (A review of Disaster Movie)

...for this movie was a disaster! Seriously though, "Disaster Movie" is not only the worst of the Seltzerberg movies and not only the worst movie of 2008, but it's also the worst movie I have ever seen period. This movie makes all of the other Seltzerberg films look like works of art, and that's saying a lot!

The Plot:
Over the course of an evening, a group of four find themselves bombarded by a series of a natural disasters and unfortunate events. (Gee, does this movie seem familiar?)

Then again, this movie was released before "2012".

This movie also spoofs various movies that were popular during the time (ex. Enchanted, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Indiana Jones, etc.) And again, nothing makes sense.

Why is This Movie Bad?:
I hate pretty much everything about this movie. The only good part of this movie was the part where Hannah Montana gets crushed by an asteroid, but even that doesn't save this movie from being awful, nor does the fact that this movie also mocks "High School Musical". "Disaster Movie" is like any other film by Freidberg and Seltzer, too much YouTube Poop-related jokes, shitty pop culture references, and more like a shitty crossover than a parody movie. And that song at the end? Ugh...

Final Verdict:
And I thought "The Room" is one of the worst movies ever made, but now looking back at it, it's so bad that it's good. "Disaster Movie" on the other hand, is so bad that words cannot describe how god-awful it is. This movie sucked more than any other movie that has ever sucked. This movie is probably the suckiest movie ever made. Try looking up suck in the dictionary, and you'll find this movie's poster. Bottom line: THIS MOVIE FUCKING SUCKS!! Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, do the world a favor and stop making movies because everything that you do is downright terrible. I'd give this movie a 0 if possible...

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